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About The Graduate School of Project Design

Name of Institution

The Graduate School of Project Design (Professional Graduate School)


Advanced Academic Agency
Ph.D/Chairperson of the board, Hideya Azuma


3-13-16 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
1 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station

Graduate Programs

Graduate School of Project Design, Department of Project Design

Admitted Number of Students


Certificate Conferred

Master of Project Design

President (Headmaster)

Risa Tanaka

Course Term

Two Years

Required Credits

34 Credits or more (minimum requirement 34)

Course Day

Weekday evening classes and daytime classes on weekends


1 April, 2012

Affiliated Organization

Research Institute of Project Design, Publishing Department of the Graduate School of Project Design

Related Organization

The Graduate School of Social Design

What is a Professional Graduate School?

The purpose of the Professional Graduate Schools is to respond to the growing demand in training highly specialized professionals, who can proactively contribute in bringing social, economic science and technology innovation. Professional Graduate Schools are approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan since 2003, allowing universities and other institutions to offer specialized programs. Its principle feature is to provide educational programs that link theory and practice.
The programs offered at Professional Graduate Schools consist of classes that are instructed in small-groups, interactive with multi-directional teaching, discuss case studies in-depth, and value field research and other practical educational methods. Research guidance and thesis writing are not essential, and a certain percentage of the faculty must be comprised by those who are also practitioners in the business.

Affiliated Organization

By making proposals to the society, and supporting activities that are conducive to developing specialists in project design, the research institute assists in the creation of visionary industries and innovative social activities.

The role of the research institute is to convene project based research, educational and information exchange meetings that function as a hub in enhancing activities that are conducive to project design and product development. The research institute aims to devise project designs and business initiatives to activate and improve regional industries that could enhance international competitiveness. It promises to perform the following mission:

・To construct business environment throughout Japan that functions as a center for creating new businesses and new products

・Establish centers throughout Japan that serve to connect industries, enterprises, and public service organizations nationwide, and in building a network of project design that can share, and to mutually utilize intellectual property and other business-related information on product production, and foster the creation of new industries and projects

・Through diverse activities that promote project design at the research institute, the institute provides vocational training to those who can generate ideas for new projects, and inventing new products and services.



Publishing Department of the Graduate School of Project Design To compile and output information that is conducive to deepen the understanding of Project Design and in actualizing the project.

We issue the world’s largest database on project design, the Monthly Project Design. Launched in September 2012, the Monthly Project Design aims to contribute in activating our society and business projects throughout Japan.

We also assist in the planning and publication of books and magazines related to project design in addition to our database making. Our publications include Nin-gen Kaigi and Kankyo Kaigi featuring topics on CSR and business management, as well as Environment Business Quarterly, and Disaster Prevention Guide. Students enrolled to the Graduate School of Project Design will have the access to our publications as well as opportunities to present their research in our selection of publications.