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Master of Project Design (MPD)

MPD is a two-year program focused in teaching fundamental principles and empirical applications to design thinking and designing projects. The two-year program enables graduate students to acquire hands-on skills needed for project design, to develop the creativity of the students to conceptualize their idea, and in designing a feasible project plan.

In the first year, students learn the principles of design through seminars and lectures to identify their ‘seeds’ of ideas. The following second year is dedicated to engaging in extensive discussions with the faculty members in conceptualizing their ideas into a project plan. We have a wide variety of full/part-time professors and students in addition to 150+ lecturers helping students craft their ideas into concepts using a fundamentally different type of thinking than in any other business schools. The discussions enable students to repeatedly test their ideas and concepts, and possibly making a prototype while applying the theories learned from business marketing and management in their first and second year.

The program consists of four semesters of coursework; the principle, specialized, applied, and seminar. Students undertake the four core courses in their first and second year before presenting the final portfolio of their project design to the Board of Review at the end of the second year.

Principle Course

The two-year program will commence by learning the fundamental principles of the project design. Students will develop comprehensive background knowledge and develop insights on ‘human activities and behaviors’, ‘society’, ‘technology’, ‘economy’, and ‘business’. The fundamental course allows students to find their seeds of ideas, and in conceptualizing the ideas into projects.

Specialized Course

Students will learn the cycle of project design that begins with ‘idea thinking’ then onto learning how to ‘frame’ and ‘conceptualize’ ideas. After conceptualizing the ideas, students will conduct field research to empirically test their concepts, followed by a drafting of a conceptual plan of the project, and finally presenting and communicating their project proposal to the faculties and fellow students.

Applied Course

Students will study the designing processes on how to build their project, and acquire business management skills to realize their project vision.


Students will be asked to be part of at least 1 group of Project-Based Learning (PBL) to receive empirical training on methodologies in constructing a rigorous project plan. Students are expected to actively engage in intensive discussions to refine their project plan.

Examination of the Certificate

Board of Review (Examination of the Certificate)
The faculty members will review the project proposal, followed by a student presentation in front of the students and faculties. After the presentation and the review, the Board will review the credits required to decide the approval of the certificate.